what's in it for you?


MOMS Club® is a support group designed just for you, the at-home mom!

You are interested in the world around you, want a variety of activities for you and your children, and are proud of your choice of at-home mothering for your families!

  • Participate in fun activities for your kids.

  • Connect with moms in similar situations to your own.

  • Swap stories, vent, and share parenting tips with other moms.

  • Give back to your community and show kids the benefits of service.

  • Build lifelong relationships for you and your kids.

  • Get support through tough times.

  • Be a part of a fun group!



MOMS Club® is a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS.
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what makes us special?


we are so much more than a playgroup!

  • We meet during the day when at-home moms most need support.

  • Being a mom shouldn't isolate you, so you can always bring your children with you to our activities.

  • The MOMS Club® is a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS.

  • We know being an at-home mom today means making a financial sacrifice, so membership dues are only $30 per year.

  • At-home moms of any age children are welcome. You don't have to leave the group when your children enter school. We know you still need support as your children grow.



meet our board


Mission Viejo, CA

"I joined MOMS Club of Mission Viejo when I became a first time stay at home mom.  I was looking for a busy, active, and fun group.  I particularly liked that this group had children of all ages so that my children could interact and play with the younger children and observe and learn from the older children.  Also supporting the neighboring communities through service projects and charitable donations is near and dear to my heart and this group really integrates that into their club activities.

I found what I was looking for when I joined the MOMS Club of Mission Viejo.  I am so excited to be apart of this special group and serve on its Board."

I joined MOMS Club of Mission Viejo after having my second child.  It was a great motivator for me to get out of the house with my two little ones, but more importantly it helped me find my "village".  We live far from family and cousins, so I'm very thankful for the friendships and support we've found through MOMS Club.  My boys have playmates to interact with and I have other moms to learn from, commiserate with and lean on for support when needed.  I am so happy to have met such a fun and friendly group of moms and kids!

"I joined MOMS Club after I had my second child and decided to stay home.  The tranisition from working full-time to being home with the kids was very difficult for me.  I felt very isolated and was yearning for some other moms who understood how tough the job title of stay-at-home-mom is!  My kids love the busy calendar of activities available through MOMS Club, and I enjoy the friendships, as well as the fun opportunities to break up the sometimes long monotonous days as a mother.  Joining this group has also given me the opportunity to have a night out once in a while with other women who enjoy similar activities without our kids."

Beth S.

membership V.P.

"I joined MOMS Club when we relocated to the area because I wanted to find friends for me and my son. This group provides much needed support and laughter for me, and fun things for him to do with other kids!" 

"I joined when I was pregnant with my second child, and it has been such a great resource! I am so grateful for the supportive friends I have made and the fun activities that keep my 2 boys busy!"



what we believe


We are proud and grateful to be at-home moms!

  • Being at-home with our kids is priceless.

  • Being a part of a group helps prevent the isolation of motherhood.

  • Moms benefit from exchanging ideas and connecting with other moms.

who we are


We are a group of Mission Viejo moms who get together for fun enriching activities for our kids while connecting with other women in similar situations. We also collaborate on service projects to better our community and teach our kids the value of giving back.