Mission Viejo, CA

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An evening out with other moms where we chat, have a laugh, and get to know each other better.


A book club with a twist – we each bring a dish that ties in with the theme of the book we have read.


Daytime outings for just us moms where we chat, have a laugh, and get to know each other better without our children.


Provides moms with exercise for all stages of motherhood.  Specifically designed for moms to get in shape while our little ones run around and play.

helping hands**

Meal delivery for the whole family when moms need it most, such as the birth of a baby or family crisis, as well as supporting our members in other ways like checking in with personal phone calls or sending flowers or cards for a loss of a family member to list just a few examples.

*Alternates every other month

**As needed

kids clubs

for moms

TUMMY TIME (0 - 12M)
Activities designed for babies to help them develop their neck, back, and shoulder muscles needed to meet child development milestones.  These activities are held at either a mom's home or other baby-friendly locations.


Activities designed for the active baby transitioning to an active toddler.  These activities are held either in a mom's home or other active baby-friendly location.

busy bees (18mo - 3 yrs)

For the active toddler; usually held at a local park or place where the kids can run around and play.

backyard gang (3 - 5 yrs)

For the bigger kids; typically held at a local park or place older kids will enjoy.

Play Groups

Our parties are fun for the whole family with games and activities for the kids and pot luck dishes to share.

Valentine’s Day


4th of July


Winter holiday


Krafty Kids

Spark imagination and creativity with fun art projects and crafts.

Jr. Book Club

Celebrate the joy of reading with themed storytimes.

Jr. Cooks Club

Prepare healthy, nut-free, and fun to eat snacks that kids can make themselves.

Field Trips

Visit fun places in or around Mission Viejo and Orange County.


Park play designed for all ages where various parks in Mission Viejo are explored.


Activities designed to show kids the importance of giving back to the community and service projects held on evenings and weekends for either just us moms and/or our families.


Anything with wheels is welcome on this fun walk.


A daytime book club - we discuss a book that has been read and express our opinions, likes, and dislikes while our children run around and play.



MOMS Club® Mission Viejo is a busy and active group - there are an average of 3 to 4 activities every week! You choose the events that work for you and your schedule. All of our activities are optional. No minimum attendance is required, but we do encourage involvement. You will get as much out of the club as you put into it. We understand that being an at-home mom can mean a financial sacrifice for your family, which is why the majority of our activities are either free or very low cost. Each of our activities are hosted by a volunteer coordinator (one of our moms) and are held once per month.