Do I have to be a stay-at-home mom?

No. Many of our members work part-time, have flexible work schedules, or work from home. If you spend time with your kids during the day, then we have a lot of activities for you to participate in.

What are the moms in your club like?

Meeting new people can be intimidating – but not us, we promise! We are a very down-to-earth, caring, and welcoming group of moms. We range in age from our late-20's to mid-40's. Some of us have just had our first baby and others are sending our first baby to kindergarten this year. One thing we all have in common is a strong commitment to raising our kids the very best way we can and supporting each other through the process.

What ages are your kids?

Our kids range in age from newborn to teenagers. However, the majority of our activities are geared toward kids who are newborn to five years old. Kids of all ages are always welcome at every event.

How do I know what activities are planned for the month?

All members are given access to our Meetup group, which includes the monthly calendar of our events. Our monthly email newsletter also includes a copy of the calendar.  View our sample calendar.

Do I have to attend a minimum number of activities every month?

No. You can participate in as many or as few activities as you like. Of course, we want to see as many members as possible at all of our activities, but we understand that life happens! Changing schedules, work and family commitments, illness, etc. can affect availability at any given time. We do encourage active participation to develop meaningful relationships among our moms and our kids.

Do you have a religious affiliation?

No. We are a non-religious group.

Do I have to RSVP to every activity?

No. We only ask you to RSVP if you plan to attend an event, so the event coordinator knows to expect you and keeps an eye out for you.

Do your activities cost money?

The majority of our monthly activities are free. Occasionally we will have an activity on the calendar that costs money, but we understand the financial sacrifice that being an at-home mom can mean for your family, so we try to keep activities that cost money to a minimum.

Who organizes and hosts your activities?

Our moms do! Currently, we have 16 assigned coordinator positions, each run by a member of our club. The coordinators are responsible for scheduling and hosting the activity and are the main point of contact for that activity. You never have to worry about showing up to an event and not knowing who is in charge.

How do you choose the charities you support?

Our members vote for the charities we support. At the beginning of our calendar year, we vote for a charity to be the focus of our fundraising efforts for the year. We also do a number of community drives and service projects throughout the year, and we support MOMS Club International's Mother-to-Mother Fund, which helps members in crisis situations and in need of financial assistance.

if i move from mission viejo mid-year, can i keep my membership?

Yes. If you move out of the city boundaries you can keep your membership until your renewal date, at which time you can choose to renew and stay with our chapter, or you can choose to join (or start) a chapter within your new boundaries. Members can only belong to one chapter at a time.

Do I have to join for the entire year?

Yes. Membership is offered on an annual basis.

Who leads your club?

We are led by a Board of five volunteer members who are elected by the club. The Board includes the President, Treasurer, Administrative Vice President, Membership Vice President, and Secretary.  Meet our Board members. We also have coordinator positions, each responsible for leading a  specific activity.

Why is the 'MOMS' in MOMS Club capitalized?

MOMS stands for Moms Offering Moms Support.

I am not a resident of Mission Viejo. Is there a MOMS Club in my area?

A list of the current MOMS Club chapters are available on MOMS Club International's website. If your area is not currently served by a MOMS Club chapter, please consider starting your own! See MOMS Club International's website for more information and assistance.


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